Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water systems are ideally suited to areas where gas may be unavailable and solar may not be an option. This could be due to shading of the solar panels or insufficient roof space due to existing solar panels or a swimming pool heating system. Electric hot water systems are relatively easy and inexpensive to install and are ideal in a change-over situation, where the old system simple ceases to function and a replacement is needed.

If you already have an electric hot water system and there is gas supplied  on the property you cannot replace it with the same type of hot water system ie  electric.

Your options for hot water systems replacement options are:

  1. 5 star gas hot water system
  2. Solar hot water system

The exception is when you have an electric hot water system installed inside the the roof space ,you can replace it with another electric hot water system up to 250 litres provided it is in the same location .

Note : Rebates and concessions are available when changeing from electric to a more energy efficient appliance, call 8444 7305

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