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Whatever your domestic plumbing issues we have the solutions. From blocked drains, toilets playing up, burst pipes, and leaky taps to gas issues, SA plumbing have you covered.

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Blocked Drains


At SA Plumbing™ we use the latest drain clearing technology. Whether you have a blocked sewer pipe or a blocked storm water pipe, we can unblock your pipes with our hydro jet drain cleaning machine.

Burst Pipes

At SA Plumbing™, all our plumbers are able to do repairs and replacements for all of the most common piping materials found in Adelaide, plastics, clay and different metal pipes.

Toilet Repairs

However, the one thing you can’t live without is a fully functioning toilet. Our team of qualified plumbers are available to help with all of your toilet issues. From leaking to blocked toilets installation of new ones, we can fix your toilet 7 days a week.


Electric Hot Water, Gas Hot Water Adelaide, and Solar Hot Water.  We supply, sell maintain and repair all types and models of hot water heaters. Hot Water Systems Adelaide is a service agent for Bosch hot water systems and also services all other major brands and types of hot water systems in Adelaide.

Gas Hot Water Systems

We sell all the poular models from Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai and more all at great prices with quick installation, often same day.

Electric Hot Water Systems

When gas and solar are not available consider replacing your old electric hot water system with one of our new energy efficient models.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Save money with hot water powered by the sun. We have a great range of solar hot water options all at great prices.

  • Expert service, over 25 years
  • Fully qualified and insured plumbers
  • Same day service often available. Call early!
  • Great prices on a wide range of hot water systems
  • Friendly, down to earth service from a family SA business

Repairing your existing hot water system may well be an economical option to squeeze a few more years out of the system. We have many years’ experience in fixing and repairing all types of hot water system, from a new coil on a gas hot water system to a new electrode on an electric hot water system. Call us today to find out if we can get your hot water heater back up and running.

An hour or so per year maintaining your system can prove very economical in the long term. Let our expert hot water plumbers an perform annual health check of your system. Avoid costly repairs by keeping your hot water heater in tip top condition. Call one of our friendly staff for a quote today.

Water gushing out of the side of the property? Electricity no longer heating to the required temperature? Sometimes in the absence of regular maintenance the only viable option is for full system replacement. We have a large range of systems in stock from all the big names on hot water systems. Give one of our friendly experts a call today to find the best system for you.


We all like the concept of having readily available warm water in our homes. Very hot or warm water is needed for a number of home efforts like cleaning the clothes, making use of warm water in the kitchen or simply having a relaxing hot bath. Hot water systems have unquestionably made living much easier since we can get hot water just by rotating the tap. There are several kinds of system on the market today and you need to choose very carefully before finally deciding on the most suitable one. The differing types of water heating units are the following

These kinds of heaters used to be popular 50 to 60 years ago. They’ve stood the test of time well nevertheless experience low water pressure. There are actually very few complications with this model however the water pressure is rather low. An additional aspect to consider is that this variety may benefit from a certain shower head to obtain the most advantage from the low pressure.

A lot of people give preference to natural natural gas solutions as they are amongst the most affordable to invest in. Their high quality and long manufacturer’s warranty is also a convincing contributing factor. It is definitely less costly to run a natural natural gas model when compared with electric powered.

These types of water heaters are extremely practical since you just need to ensure that it stays plugged in and the unit runs by itself offering you ready warm water constantly. They can be pricey to use however and may lead to significant power bills. However, in the event that gas is just not an alternative and money is not a concern then an electric system may be a practical solution.

These are becoming increasingly popular due to decreasing prices afforded through new technologies. What could be better than free hot water powered by the sun? The only downside is that the initial cost could be a bit high  compared to other hot water systems.