Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Systems are undoubtably the most economical to own, especially recent 5-star models. They are available in 2 types, Instant Gas Hot Water and Storage Tank Hot Water. Instant gas systems are the most energy efficient and economical hot water systems to operate as they only use gas to heat the water when the tap is opened. On the other hand, gas tank systems heat the whole tank at a pre-determined time allowing multiple taps to draw water with no variation in temperature.

Instant Gas Hot Water

  • most econonical
  • Endless supply
  • Options for electronic Ignition
  • Sizes from 10 litres per minute up to 32 litres per minute
  • Small and compact, usually wall mounted.
  • Optional temperature controllers available

Gas storage tank systems

  • Pilot light always on
  • Burner ignites when temp falls below preset level
  • Mild steel tanks generally
  • Stainless Steel tanks available at a price.
  • Keeping a tank hot (which loses heat through the sides) is inefficient compared with an instant gas system.

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