Solar Hot Water Systems Adelaide

Solar hot water systems consist of a water tank and solar panels backed up with either a gas or electric hot water booster. This will allow the system to continue supplying hot water even on overcast days when the radiation from the sun is insufficient on it’s own.

Manufacturers offer 2 types of solar hot water system, the tank and panels can either both be roof-mounted (close-coupled system) or independently situated (split system). When independently sited the tank can be located in a convenient out of the way place. These systems provide about 80% of the household’s hot water needs from the sun’s rays and will gas or electrically supplement the water on overcast days when no solar power is available.

Solar hot water systems are generally cheap to run , so you will definitely save on your energy bills in the long term, but this could be offset by a high initial installation cost , so it may take some time to recoup your investment.

Solar Hot Water Rebates
The Federal and State Governments are offering assistance through solar hot water rebates. We can help you decide on the most appropriate system for your needs when it comes to renewable energy incentives. Call 8444 7305 for a free no-obligation quote on your new solar hot water service.

Flat Panel or Evacuated Tube Solar?

Solar Hot Water Systems use either a traditional flat panel system or an evacuated tube solar hot water system. These are rapidly becoming a popular option due to their high efficiency and money saving potential.
The evacuated tube solar systems have many design features allowing them to nearly always perform better than the traditionalflat plate systems. Their heat transference of up to 150% in Australian conditions is far superior. As they are frost and corrosion proof they are designed to last longer. Their installation and maintenance is also more economical and individual tubes can be replaced if damaged.

So if you are in need of a new solar hot water system or would like to discuss the various options look no further than Hot Water Systems Adelaide for great deals on solar hot water systems. We can provide you with an honest and professional obligation free quote.

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