Rinnai Prestige, Close Coupled

Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled Solar Hot Water System. 10 year tank warranty!

Rinnai Product Brochure

Rinnai Product Warranty

A solar close coupled system is where the storage tank and the solar collectors are coupled together and installed on the roof.

Solar Collectors mounted on the roof absorb the energy from the sun and heat cooler water that flows through pipes just beneath the surface.

This allows us to give Adelaide a refined range of the most highly efficient quality choices available, with our Rinnai Solar Gas Boosters and Rinnai Sunmaster (Electric Boosters)


  • 180 or 330 litre capacity storage
  • Wide range of Colorbond® colours available
  • Electric boost or dedicated continuous flow gas boost configurations
  • Using thermo-syphoning means there are no moving parts
  • Excelsior collectors offering TiNOX technology absorb the maximum available solar energy
  • Available with a frost protection kit for temperatures down to -6°C
  • Collectors and tanks manufactured in Australia
  • No sacrificial anode is required which saves on maintenance costs
  • Warranty is 10 years on the tanks and 7 years on the collectors