AquaMAX 80

AquaMAX 80 Electric Hot Water System. The AquaMAX mains pressure, electric hot water heaters offer flexible hot water delivery to any family, big or small.

Available in SA Plumbing™ Adelaide the AquaMAX electric hot water systems are tough enough for even the most demanding of households, the cylinder’s MAXI-namel lining with a sacrificial anode ensures reliable hot water all year round. And SA Plumbing™’s plumbers can install it inside or out thanks to the tough colourbond casing.

A very popular choice for compact storage spaces, our 80 Litre water heater is MEPS compliant and a TESAW winner as well.

With a sacrificial anode, MAXI-namel® lining and protected by a strong coated steel casing with rounded edges; every AquaMAX electric water heater will perform to the very max, every time. And that’s a promise backed by a 5 year cylinder warranty.