Rinnai Smartstart® Water Saver Gas Hot Water System

Rinnai Smartstart® Water Saver Gas Hot Water System.

Rinnai revolutionised the Australian water heating market in the early 90′s when it launched the first fully electronic gas Continuous Flow hot water system in Adelaide.

Appropriately named the Rinnai INFINITY because it never ran out of hot water, today systems are even more sophisticated ‘ designed with the environment in mind with low emission burners, high efficiencies and low flow rates compatible with water saving (WELS) outlets and showers.

The Rinnai INFINITY heats water as it passes through the unit, which means you are only using energy when you turn the tap on.

It is an extremely energy efficient choice as the water is only heated when required, lowering running costs and greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

Add to this the convenience of precise water and temperature control with the installation of Water Controllers and it’s compact size, which allows it to be installed almost anywhere, and you have the most technologically advanced hot water system available today in SA Plumbing™ Adelaide!

The Rinnai Smartstart® Water Saver has been developed to specifically reduce water wastage whenever a hot tap is turned on.

Help save our precious natural resource – water!

  • Allows you to pre-heat the water in the pipes before you turn on the hot tap
  • Simply activated by the ‘preheat’ button on any Water Controller
  • Takes a minute or two to warm up depending on the size of your home
  • Saves literally tens of thousands of litres of water over the life of your hot water system
  • Plumbing is designed as a ‘ring-main’ or loop around the house. In existing homes, a return line can be plumbed in from the furthest point back to the INFINITY