Bosch 4000s Internal

The Bosch 4000s is a room sealed appliance which uses continuous flow technology. With flueing flexibility this allows the unit to be installed within a variety of internal conditions.

Available in 12L, 16L & 20L per minute models.

  • Room sealed appliance
  • Inbuilt temperature controller
  • Electronically controlled modulation
  • 50°C locked models available
  • 6 Star efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Delivers 16L/min at a 25˚C temperature rise
  • Suitable for 1-2 bathrooms
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas

Product Specifications

Bosch 4000s Internal 16L Bosch 4000S Internal 16L
Part Number NG 7736502495
Part Number 50°C Limited NG 7736502496
Part Number LPG 7736502497
Part Number 50°C Limited LPG 7736502498
Installation Internal
Ignition Electronic
L/min (25C Rise) 16
No. of Bathrooms 1
Min. inlet water pressure (kPa) 100
Max inlet water pressure (kPa) 1000
Mj/H 120.2
Star rating 6
Unit Height (mm) 568
Unit Width (mm) 364
Unit Depth (mm) 175
Dry Weight (kg) 10
Gas Type NG/LPG
Flue Data
Required flue type Bosch Co-axial flue must be used
Maximum Horizontal Flue Length (m) 10
Maximum Vertical Flue Length (m) 12
Domestic Warranty
Parts & Labour 3
Heat Exchanger (part only) 10