Bosch 26eco+

Bosch Internal Compact Hot Water System 26eco+. 2 bathroom homes / families.

The Bosch 26eco+ gas hot water system is a high efficiency, fully condensing appliance.

For even greater efficiency and water saving control, the Bosch 26eco+ can be teamed with up to 4 temperature controllers. The Bosch 26eco+ is 15% cheaper to run than the standard Bosch 26E, saving you money.

  • Condensing technology
  • 6.9-star energy efficiency rating
  • Delivers 26 L/min at a 25°C temperature rise
  • Ideal for 2-3 bathroom homes
  • Secondary heat exchanger to optimise energy efficiency
  • Inbuilt neutraliser for non-acidic condensate
  • Install up to 4 optional temperature controllers (Premium main & bathroom controllers and sub controller suitable only)
  • External installation only
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas
  • Comprehensive warranties