AquaMAX Stainless Steel Gas Hot Water System

AquaMAX Gas Hot Water System 390.

With Five Star Gas Aquamax water heaters from SA Plumbing™ you have all your needs covered at both ends of the scale. From Aquamax super-efficient 270 with the latest MAXI-namel cylinder, to the groundbreaking stainless steel 270, 340 and 390.

Because these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with the highest demand even when you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains constant.

Stainless Steel, Built to last, constructed from high grade stainless steel, the AquaMAX stainless steel cylinder will resist corrosion for a substantially longer period than conventional vitreous enamel and bonded ceramic cylinders as well as copper heat exchangers used in continuous flow units.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

A ten year warranty for the stainless steel cylinder, as well as a 12 month warranty on the whole unit for parts and labour, ensure you have peace of mind.

Specifications 390 SS (with mix)
Cat. No. G390SS
Gas type Natural
Tank Capacity 155 Litres
Nominal gas consumption 40 MJ/Hr
AGA Star Rating Index 5 Stars
Recovery rate at 45°C rise 185 Litres/Hr1
Installation type External only
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve setting 1400 kPa/99°C
Max. water supply pressure 1100 kPa
Tank material stainless steel
Water inlet connection Rp ¾” (20mm) Female
Water outlet connection Rp ¾” (20mm) Female
Gas connection ½” flared compression
Warranty (Cylinder) 10 years
WaterMark Licence No. WMKA00200
Overall height 1625mm
Width (approx.) 520mm
Depth (approx.) 610mm
AGA Approval No. 6114
Weight empty (approx.) 65 kg
Number of people 3-6